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Online AutoCAD Courses

We found 9 Best Online AutoCAD Courses , Canada with prices from 394 to 2950 canadian $
Conestoga College
Conestoga College

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design

School:Conestoga College

Duration:1 year


Date:May 2-Apr 28


  • Cost 2775 $
Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology
Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology

AutoCAD Operator

School:Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Duration:4 weeks


Date:Feb 22-Mar 17


  • Cost 2950 $
school George Brown
school George Brown

AutoCAD Fundamentals Program

School:George Brown

Duration:48 weeks


Date:Mar 7-Feb 3


  • Cost 1526 $
school George Brown
school George Brown

AutoCAD 1: Basic 2D

School:George Brown

Duration:16 weeks


Date:Mar 7-Jun 24


  • Cost 394 $
Centennial College
Centennial College

AutoCAD Certificate Program

School:Centennial College

Duration:42 weeks


Date:Mar 1-Dec 16


  • Cost 2688 $
Algonquin College
Algonquin College

Introduction to AutoCAD

School:Algonquin College

Duration:15 weeks


Date:Sep 5-Dec 22


  • Cost 669 $
Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology
Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology

AutoCAD Certificate of Completion

School:Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Duration:48 weeks


Date:Mar 7-Feb 3


  • Cost 2346 $
Mohawk College
Mohawk College

AutoCAD Design

School:Mohawk College

Duration:1 year


Date:Mar 8 - Feb 24, 2023


  • Cost 1550 $
Seneca College
Seneca College


School:Seneca College

Duration:2 years


Date:May 14 - May 14, 2024


  • Cost 2 642 $

AutoCAD Courses

With the development of technologies, it is becoming more and more crucial for progressive individuals to take different learning courses to acquire essential skills related to working with computers. Engineers, architects, and designers almost never pause their education to keep abreast of the latest changes in the industry. For them, one of the essential skills is the knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD, which is computer-aided design software.

In this review, we are going to guide you through the main features and benefits of AutoCAD, explain what students need to do before the course and what you can get after completing one.

What is AutoCAD used for?

Created by Autodesk, AutoCAD software is used in many industries like civil engineering, construction, design, architecture, etc. Cad software allows its users to create images and make alterations to already existing designs. Its users no longer need to draw lines by hand with the use of pencil and paper, but they can take advantage of an extensive library of simple and complex objects.

Let us take a look at the fields that happily employ AutoCAD tools and features in their work:

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers create blueprints of various products and get their models ready for use. AutoCAD helps them with creating visual representations of objects. AutoCAD is also of great aid when it comes to finding the best solution to a design problem in construction at even the initial stages of a project. If using the software, the need to re-draw and redo a blueprint eliminates itself.

Interior design

It is very common for interior designers to make use of AutoCAD essentials when working on their ideas for future homes and flats. Computer-aided design cad software allows users to draw realistic models and supports different types of views (like fly-around, walk, and swivel). Thanks to the development of the 3D version, interior designers also have the chance to apply light and add desired materials to their renderings.

Fashion design

Although programs such as AutoCAD are mostly associated with architects and engineers, fashion designers can also take advantage of the software. They use AutoCAD tools to draw sketches of great detail as well as play with patterns and materials. It is also convenient to use the program to create iterations of a design because AutoCAD saves models for future reference.


In most cases, AutoCAD is used to design buildings, create floor plans, estimate sections, and create blueprints. It is a real time-saver because it can calculate the quantities of material, draw automatically and accurately, and allows an architect to make changes with a very low chance of being mistaken.

Benefits of using AutoCAD software

Initially, AutoCAD was developed for designing two-dimensional models and components. Later on, a 3D feature was added to the program to ensure a dash of maximum realism.

Those who have AutoCAD skills can enjoy the following advantages of either 2D or 3D versions of the program:

  • Dimensions are created automatically
  • You can apply forms and spreadsheets
  • When drawing technical plans, AutoCAD will help to coordinate systems and software
  • You have the chance to render using the cloud service
  • AutoCAD can enhance your designs by adding a realistic lightning

Since AutoCAD uses cloud technologies to operate, you are welcome to use the program on your desktop computer or mobile device. There is almost no difference between the versions, and as you draw or edit, regardless of your location, it can be of great help to distributed teams.

How AutoCAD works

Unlike Photoshop and Illustrator, AutoCAD was specially produced for creating designs and structures. Of course, it uses layers and vector images to create technical plans.

AutoCAD works with DWG file types which have information about geometries, designs, and images. Files of this format are compatible with other software and can be exported to different design programs like Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator. In a computer-aided design program, you will be working with elements called 'blocks,' which you can export from a library and add to your design. It is of great convenience when you need to repeat an action multiple times (for example, when designing windows or the floor plan).

AutoCAD also offers a number of commands (new commands can be added with the software upgrade) making it possible to design faster and more efficiently.

Learning goals

Students who are either new to the field or have some industry experience are welcome to use the learning services in Canada and continue education in the area of their interest.

If students complete an AutoCAD course successfully, they will:

  • Gain hands-on experience in designing, creating blueprints as well as building information modelling
  • Be able to create lines, shapes, and objects
  • Learn how to collect data and extract it
  • Get practical knowledge in using and attaching external references
  • Learn basic HVAC and receive training in technical drawing skills
  • Create 2D and 3D models and designs
  • Use apps like Autodesk inventor, AutoCAD Electrical and others
  • Upon course completion, students are awarded a certificate and can go on to use Student Employment Services to make a start in their careers.

Course prerequisites

The reasons for taking AutoCAD courses may vary. Some take required courses to have a formal validation of their skills; others need to improve their proficiency in using cad software and gain new skills.

Whatever your reasons for learning are, here is what a student is required to have before you apply for a learning program:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Access to a personal computer with at least Windows 10 operating system
  • Access to a high-speed Internet

If you decide to enrol for AutoCAD courses in Canada, you can learn online in person, have a schedule with tight deadlines or take it at your own pace.

Career opportunities

In case you have gone through AutoCAD training, learnt its basic or advanced functions, and have a certificate of successful completion, you are free to take advantage of numerous career opportunities.

Here are the areas students can consider after they complete an AutoCAD course and receive a certificate:

  • Graphic design and game design
  • Interior design
  • Mechanical design
  • Architecture
  • Fashion design

As you can see, the opportunities are boundless, so if you would like to get hands-on experience in AutoCAD, it is high time you enrolled for training.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Are AutoCAD courses free?

It depends on whether students wish to receive an official certificate or just brush up on their technical skills. If you need approval that you have completed a course, you are required to pay a fee.

How long does it take to learn?

In general, doing an AutoCAD course takes from 11 to 20 hours, but it depends on the type and difficulty of the course. You can study intensively or take part-time studies courses if you feel the workload is too high.

Can I learn online?

Of course, you can. In Canada, there are a number of online and offline opportunities that students can take advantage of. You can browse courses on the Internet or consult your local learning advisor to find the best study option for you.

Is AutoCAD hard to learn?

Although you will need to make some mental effort to learn the basics of AutoCAD, with time, you will familiarize yourself with the interface and main commands of the program. We are sure that it will get fast and easy after you make your first steps with the software.

Can I learn AutoCAD myself?

It is possible because there is a student version of Autodesk. However, it is recommended to take a course with a certified teacher to save time and be absolutely sure of the result.

What careers use AutoCAD?

There are various jobs that make use of AutoCAD. The most popular careers include architects, interior designers, fashion designers, game and web designers, mechanical engineers, and even fine artists.

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