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We found 6 Best Online Courses , Canada with prices from 409 to 18056 canadian $
Bow Valley College
Bow Valley College

Digital Design Diploma

School:Bow Valley College

Duration:2 years


Date:Sep 1 - Aug 30, 2024


  • Cost 18056 $
Conestoga College
Conestoga College

Software Engineering Technology (Optional Co-Op)

School:Conestoga College

Duration:3 years


Date:Sep 5-Aug 28


  • Cost 8088 $
Canadore College
Canadore College

Mobile Application Development

School:Canadore College

Duration:1 year


Date:May 1-Apr 26


  • Cost 13180 $
school CareerFoundry
school CareerFoundry

Web Development Program


Duration:3.5-7 months


Date:Feb 21-Jun 21


  • Cost 8 800 $
Lighthouse Labs
Lighthouse Labs

Web Development Flex Program

School:Lighthouse Labs

Duration:30 weeks


Date:Feb 20-Sep 15


  • Cost 14000 $
school George Brown
school George Brown

Application Development Foundations

School:George Brown

Duration:4 months


Date:Mar 7-Jul 7


  • Cost 409 $

Mobile App Development Courses

Ordering food, buying concert tickets, tracking calories, and reading the news, what unites all these actions? That's right, we make them using mobile applications. As statistics show, on average, each person has about 30 different applications on their phone. In the last two decades, mobile app development has been a very fast-growing sphere, and if you feel the creative potential in yourself, then it's time to start a career in this field.

Today we will tell you what mobile app developers are doing, what are the benefits of the completion of specialized courses on mobile app development, and what career opportunities will open up to you.

What's the Role of a Mobile App Developer?

Mobile application development is a unique profession because it consists of three diverse concepts, namely, creativity, the ability to program, and testing the final version on a mobile device.

However, let's talk about everything in order:

  • Mobile application development starts with an idea, and here you act as a producer and develop creative concepts that will satisfy customer needs.
  • After accepting the general idea, you use the knowledge of programming language to write code.
  • The next step is to test the code for software quality and compatibility with the mobile platforms on which you want to launch the application. In this case, you need to know industry-standard testing methodologies.
  • By cooperating with UX designers and UI designers, you will create the most convenient and modern user interface design.
  • Partnership with developers from other departments is necessary to resolve issues of monetization, operation, and setting up application design by all relevant laws.
  • Then you need to ensure a balance between service and graphics components to comply with industry standards.
  • The final step is the presentation of the mobile app to the customer and making adjustments, for example, if it is necessary to improve software performance.

On the whole, as you can see, to develop secure mobile applications, you need to have specific knowledge and skills that will allow you to become a sought-after specialist. About these skills in the following part.

Mobile App Development Required Skills

Most of the skills of mobile app development specialists have connections to programming and data science. You may ask which ones because there are a lot of programming techniques and methods. Now we will tell you about everything.

Programming language skills

Regardless of the type of application and mobile device, the main focus of any developer remains on writing properly working code. Most often, specialists use JavaScript or C++ because these languages allow them to develop mobile application solutions in the most effective ways. The plus is that you do not need a special background to learn these languages.

Mobile App Frameworks Knowledge

To build apps, you will need special templates or frameworks. Their principle of operation is simple, imagine that you are in the kitchen, and you want to cook a burger, you have all the ingredients, and you just need to choose the most suitable ones. The process of creating reliable mobile applications is about the same. You have a choice of debuggers, compilers, coding interfaces, and other components for effective development.

User Interface Design Skills

Skills related to creative thinking are also an integral part of any developer's arsenal. The same principles apply here as in web development. The task of the specialist is to develop a usable, intuitive, and friendly interface that everyone will like. The functionality of the interface and its compatibility with different mobile platforms is half the success of your mobile app, and here we move on to the next skill.

Cross-platform mobile application development skills

The development of native mobile applications is one of the directions in the field of computer science. However, it is less popular than cross-platform mobile application development. Increasing the audience and boosting profit are the main tasks, so the application should work not only on two leading platforms but also on any other systems with any resolution and screen diagonal. Only high-class developers with certain knowledge about the functioning of various platforms know how to solve this problem.

Cybersecurity skills

When the developer completes the work on the main stages, he proceeds to the step where he will provide technical support and cybersecurity for the mobile app. This is very important because when the company implements native mobile applications for the masses, its chiefs should be sure that all user data will be completely safe. Cybersecurity is a separate field in information technology that you can master during the course.

Overall, the list of skills for mobile app development is not limited only to these positions because computer science is a sphere in which you can constantly develop. For example, you can master machine learning, acquire product management skills to ensure software quality or gain knowledge to develop solution architectures to solve specific business problems.

Mobile App Development Courses Benefits

Any training is an excellent investment that is guaranteed to pay off in the future, and mobile application development courses are no exception.

Completing the course will bring you the following privileges:

  1. Communication with international students. Almost every course brings together people from different parts of the world. This allows them to share experiences and find creative and effective mobile application solutions. Moreover, you can keep close ties with some of the international students after finishing the course.
  2. Learning all the nuances of mobile app development. Thanks to the course, you will have the most detailed picture of what stages the application creation process consists of. You will learn everything from object creation and coding to customization and event handling.
  3. Learning object-oriented programming. There are many ways of application development. However, if you have skills in object-oriented programming, you can build apps of almost any type and complexity.
  4. Studying web development fundamentals. As we noted earlier, the creation of applications intersects with the development of websites, so if you upgrade your skills in web-based modeling, you can also become a website developer.
  5. Improving competitiveness in the labor market. If you have a certificate of completion of the mobile app development course, then you will become a tasty morsel for every employer. Furthermore, if you manage to confirm your knowledge practically, then you will have a grand career, like Gabe Newell, the father of Half-Life and Counter-Strike, or Bill Roper, who did not have programming skills, but was an excellent game designer.

All in all, during the course, students develop skills that allow them to create applications that meet innovation requirements and social enterprise objectives.

Future Job in Mobile Development

If students complete a course on mobile app development with success, then many opportunities open up to them, so we will list only the most interesting ones. You can become an iOS or Android developer and create applications for the most popular mobile devices, use working knowledge to develop advanced web applications, engage in client-side and server-side programming, as well as build apps for large corporations and, after accumulating a certain length of service, launch your professional development course.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How can I understand that I am suitable for studying mobile app development?

First, you can study all the formal admission requirements in the program overview. Secondly, and this is the most important thing, if you have always been interested in how IOS or Android apps work, you know the programming language and have cool ideas for developing mobile applications, then feel free to sign up for mobile development courses.

How long does the mobile app development course last?

Mobile app development is an area of information technology that requires advanced and specialized knowledge and skills. It can take a lot of time to master them, so online courses on mobile development last from 30 to 52 weeks. However, you can find more in-depth two-year courses.

For which platforms will I be able to develop mobile applications?

You can do IOS development or Android development separately, that is, invent native applications or delve into cross-platform mobile development. In this regard, you have no restrictions, and you can not limit yourself only to iOS app development but apply skills for all mobile devices.

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