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Best Online Pharmacy Assistant Courses in Canada 2024 -
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Online Pharmacy Assistant Courses

We found 6 Best Online Pharmacy Assistant Courses , Canada with prices from 1871 to 9300 canadian $
Fanshawe College
Fanshawe College

Community Pharmacy Assistant

School:Fanshawe College

Duration:30 weeks


Date:Sep 6 - Mar 31, 2023


  • Cost 2721 $
Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology
Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology

Pharmacy Assistant

School:Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Duration:5 months


Date:Apr 3-Sep 3


  • Cost 6063 $
Mohawk College
Mohawk College

Community Pharmacy Assistant

School:Mohawk College

Duration:1 year


Date:Jan 3-Dec 22, 2023


  • Cost 2 708 $
Robertson College
Robertson College

Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program

School:Robertson College

Duration:26 weeks


Date:Mar 28-Sep 23


  • Cost 8 995 $
school George Brown
school George Brown

Pharmacy Assistant Program

School:George Brown

Duration:54 weeks


Date:May 23-May 31


  • Cost 1871 $
Sprott Shaw College
Sprott Shaw College

Pharmacy Assistant Program

School:Sprott Shaw College

Duration:33 weeks


Date:Feb 6-Sep 22


  • Cost 9300 $

Pharmacy Assistant Online Courses

Health care is, perhaps, one of the most vital vocational spheres that people of any age and nation largely depend on. The job of Pharmacy Assistants and technicians cannot be underestimated as well. And for a number of reasons, too!

It is the Pharmacy Assistant who, besides the doctor, plays a crucial role in the patient's healing process:

  • In terms of dispensing medications, they provide a medical prescription, together with giving patients practical recommendations as to the dosage forms.
  • Very often, Pharmacy Assistants can help identify the right treatment in cases when doctors' suggestions are insufficient.
  • They are capable of carrying out sophisticated pharmacy calculations, know a great deal of the human anatomy, and have well-developed communication skills to assist in the patients' timely recuperation, no less than doctors do.
  • They use modern pharmacy software to facilitate the patients with quick and exact suggestions to lead to their getting well as quickly as it is possible.
  • In the community pharmacy, as well as in retail pharmacies, the scope of responsibilities of the Pharmacy Assistant or Pharmacy Technician also encompasses answering phones, stocking shelves, maintaining accurate records, and compounding drugs for the end of the most helpful pharmacy practice so beneficial to the patients.

To become a great Pharmacy Assistant or Pharmacy Technician, one should obtain vast practical experience in health care, as well as have developed communicative and even math skills.

For starters, the first milestone to reach is the successful completion of either the Pharmacy Assistant or Pharmacy Technician program. For this, many a super special course for Pharmacy Assistants exist for the people of Canada!

Read on to find out more useful information about the main Pharmacy Assistant program specs in Canada, regular admission requirements, and career opportunities for those who successfully complete Pharmacy Assistant courses!

Pharmacy Assistant Job Duties Described

As to the major responsibilities of the Pharmacy Assistant, these may vary based on several factors, such as the location of the pharmacy and individual features of the company.

Let us have a look at the duties of the Pharmacy Assistant in the community pharmacy practice:

  • Measure medications to provide the best options for patients
  • Compound medications for the most effective healing process
  • Package and distribute drugs to provide patients with efficient treatment
  • Collect and maintain the patient's info using special pharmacy software.
  • Provide responses to the patient's claims and inquiries.
  • Keep the shelves in the pharmacy in the correct order for timely access to medications.
  • Carry out precise and accurate inventory control.

As you can see, the tasks performed by the Pharmacy Assistant are plenty, and the way they fulfill these tasks can greatly affect the health and life of the patient. Therefore, Pharmacy Assistants must be highly-trained and well-focused to provide the best results of treatment. To do so, special Pharmacy Assistant courses completion is an ultimate must-have!

Pharmacy Technician VS Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy Assistant courses are an absolute way to go for a student who wants to obtain sufficient knowledge and skills and undergo hands-on training to provide care — professional and efficient — to those whose well-being and, at times, life itself is solely in the hands of medical workers. Besides, there exist variations of the Pharmacy Assistant program options you can enroll in: people may want to become Pharmacy Assistants or Pharmacy Technicians, depending on their goals and already existing necessary skills.

Let us consider the main difference between the two vocations:

Range of duties

The Pharmacy Assistant's scope of responsibilities is much narrower compared to that of the Pharmacy Technician. However, this can become a perfect springboard for those who want to serve people's health and well-being.

Course time frame

While the Pharmacy Assistants-to-be are to undergo less lengthy course programs, it is a great opportunity for those who think health care is their true calling. Overall, the approximate length of the Pharmacy Assistant program can be up to 34 weeks, while the completion of the Pharmacy Technician course can take much longer.

Course Program cost

It is only natural that the courses that prepare Pharmacy Technicians usually cost more than those for Pharmacy Assistants. The reason: their programs are longer, and the range of knowledge and practical skills you obtain is way broader.

Job opportunities in retail and community pharmacy

Needless to say that vocations concerning more professional skills and experience, as well as encompassing a wider spectrum of job duties, are normally better paying. However, if you are not going to spend much time and money and want to embark on the professional path faster, the Pharmacy Assistant program is the right choice for you to start your career in the healthcare field.

Pharmacy Assistant Course Program Goals

Pharmacy Assistant diploma program courses are a great start for those who want to begin their career in the healthcare field.

As to the major directions of the studies, here are the most common ones provided by course developers in Canada:

  • All about pharmacy history and present.
  • Deep dive into the legal aspects of the pharmacist, Pharmacy Assistant, and technician's job duties.
  • Learning about the ethical side of the vocation.
  • Studies involving specific medical terminology, medication variations, and dosage specs.
  • Some programs look into Pharmacy Calculations, the Anatomy of humans, physiological and pharmacological classes, and an introduction to Pharmacy compounding and Community practice.
  • Hands-on practical lessons to provide knowledge of the modern Pharma software, label printing, medication dispensing, and search for the right drug.
  • Billing management and inventory maintenance practical lessons.
  • Medication compounding practice and Pharmacology course.
  • Sections focused on training oral and textual communication with patients as well as colleagues.
  • Patient customer service and problem-solving techniques. Proper Pharmacy Assistant programs also include in-lab and in-class practical training, which, together with all mentioned above, will form the solid basis for the future Pharmacy Assistant.

Pharmacy Assistant Job Opportunities

With the rapidly expanding demand for careful and professional pharmacy specialists for the Canadian adults, well-schooled professionals — with a special course successfully completed— can effortlessly get jobs in:

  • Retail Pharmacy facilities
  • Community Pharmacy Spots
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Pharmacy-producing companies

As to the approximate wages available for the Pharmacy Assistants in Canada, they usually fluctuate at around 15—18 dollars per hour.

Pharmacy Assistant Course Admission

The admission requirements for students wishing to get such kind of education in Canada may vary by the course provider; hoverer, these are the main ones commonly suggested to the students:

  • 18 years of age
  • School diploma or the like
  • Course admission examination passed
  • Canadian residentship or legit Landed Immigrant documents
  • Admission interview successfully undergone
  • Medical assessment results
  • Background check, as is the case with many other vocational spheres

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How do I become a Pharmacy Assistant in Canada?

To do so, you should take a course in the Pharmacy Assistant field to obtain sufficient knowledge and skills. Once you graduate from the course, you must successfully pass the exam with the PEBC to qualify for the job and get to practice it in the Ontario province. The OCP registration is also a must.

How long is a Pharmacy Assistant course in Canada?

Commonly, the Pharmacy Assistant diploma course program is as long as 34 weeks. So, in about eight months, you can become a legit Pharmacy Assistant, then a Pharmacy Technician, and then, if you wish so, a Pharmacist.

What skills should you have to take a course to become a Pharmacy Assistant?

The skillset of the Pharmacy Assistant that every decent designated course provider and employer expect to see are patience and focus, stress-stability, care for small details, a great knack for communication, the ability to work under serious pressure, figuratively, and being a pleasant people-person. Once you have these, you can enroll in a course and become a perfect Pharmacy Assistant.

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