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Best Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Schools

We found 10 Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) schools, colleges and universities , Canada

Search Engine Optimization Online Courses

Search Engine Optimization skills are important for any company that wants to promote its services online, which is why learning how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works might be something that you would like to do.

However, those of you who want to go through Search Engine Optimization courses need to understand that your basic computer skills should be greatly developed. What is more, you should like working with computers and articles, as otherwise going through such a course will be a waste of time.

So if you need to discover more information on how to select keywords and what SEO strategies to use to optimize your website and bring it to the first search page, then you might want to continue reading this article!

Search Engine Optimization 101

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that could help you optimize the content of your website so that it would receive a higher rank in different search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing) and, thus, be more visible to your potential customers on the very first page of search results.

Learning how to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite important these days, especially for those of you who are selling products and services online. Without such skills, no company owner that is not as well-known will not be able to raise profits, as the potential customers of the company would not see your website content in their search results.

Who Might be Interested in SEO Training?

As you can guess, lots of professionals in many spheres will benefit from receiving a general understanding of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works within different search engines, as there are simply too many businesses with various products and services that would benefit from an employee with technical SEO skills.

So it does not matter whether you are working in content marketing, social media marketing, analytics, digital marketing, or have your own company. As long as you are connected with a particular business that wants to raise profits, you will benefit from going through an SEO training online course and learning some basic tools necessary for creating a better rank for a website in any search engine.

SEO Course Material

The majority of things that you will learn in any SEO online course will be quite similar, which is why it is more important to discover what are the top courses with great teachers and structures that are comfortable for you.

Here are a few key elements of course content that will give you a basic understanding of how modern SEO works and how it can affect organic search results:

  • Basics on the way popular search engines work;
  • Types of SEO;
  • Website optimization and link building;
  • Keyword research;
  • On-page SEO;
  • Off-page SEO;
  • Mobile SEO;
  • Duplicate Content;
  • Search Engine Algorithms Updates;
  • SEO tools like Google SEO, Google search console, Google Ads, and Google Analytics;
  • Analytics and measurements of search engine results;
  • Consumer psychology;
  • Social tactics for making an effective SEO strategy.

There will be a lot of theory that you will need to cover, so be ready for quite a long course duration and lots of SEO practices that will help you master what you have learned about search engines and SEO basics, such as keyword research, link building, or on-page SEO. It is the only way to make sure that your own SEO strategy will work as it should.

Course Prerequisites

The terms of enrollment will differ from one institution to another, which is why we cannot say for sure what documents you will need.

However, it is often necessary for most online courses that you provide some information about your previous levels of education, and the most frequent case scenario is for you to have a high school or undergraduate diploma in order to enter various SEO courses.

All other requirements will depend on the institution in which you plan to take particular SEO courses, but they usually will not require any exams to be taken.

Online versus Offline SEO Course

For lots of other courses, the choice between online and offline versions would be quite difficult and depend mainly on your own possibilities.

Thus, those who are working while studying will definitely benefit more from an online course that would allow them to study at their own pace, but others who prefer face-to-face communication and need lots of practice hours available will definitely want to enroll in an offline course.

As for SEO courses, the choice is much simpler. SEO courses are being completed with the help of your laptop only, as all of the knowledge that you will receive about search engines like Google and how to perform keyword research to improve your website content will be practiced right away in your browser.

Thus, there are no practice lessons taking place in particular institutions, and any group work could be done online as well, which is why enrolling in an online SEO course would be rather beneficial for you in every way possible.

SEO Job Possibilities

After the successful completion of an SEO online course, you will have multiple work possibilities, even if you do not possess any other professional education.

There are more than 30 thousand SEO-related jobs in the world, which is why you will definitely be able to find yourself employment.

Your salary prospects are quite satisfying as well, and here are some examples of them to help identify opportunities for yourself:

  • Working as an SEO manager, you might receive a salary of 70.000-130.000 dollars;
  • SEO strategists, on average receive 65 thousand dollars for their work;
  • As for SEO analysts, their salary will range from 40.000 to 70.000 dollars.

And as we already know, every company that you know needs its own SEO specialist or even a few of them, which is why learning some basic SEO strategies to increase the rank of websites will definitely pay you off no matter the sphere in which you are working, be it digital marketing or fruit sales.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How do I get certified in SEO?

In order to get an SEO certification, you need to enroll in some online courses dedicated to SEO practices, such as technical SEO, keyword research, link building, and so on.

After its successful completion, you will get an SEO specialization that could be further used in your digital marketing projects and as an additional skill in your portfolio.

For whom is the SEO profession?

Getting an SEO certification is useful for any person who is in some way connected with different businesses. Thus, those of you working in digital marketing, content marketing, management, sales, and engineering will benefit from going through an SEO course. Business owners might also find such courses useful for their websites.

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